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About Us

About Us


Population is a foundational element of nation building, while changes in population size and age structure are still more important as key determinants of national development. To enable understanding of our country's future demographic development trends, the National Development Council (NDC) biennially prepares long-range population projections, based on the latest statistical data for household registered population, births, deaths, and migration. These projections provide government agencies with a basis for planning policies relating to population, education, the labor force, industrial development, urban housing, social services, medical services, etc.

This inquiry system was set up by the NDC to raise the efficiency of utilizing, and the convenience of inquiring about, our nation's population projection data. This inquiry system includes two main areas, for Data Query and Archives.

All data will be regularly updated. The latest projected data is updated on August 22, 2022. Welcome to make free and full use of this service!